ACCCIM Press Releases

8 Aug 2021


The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) welcomes some relaxation of movement restrictions for people who have fully vaccinated, subject to 14 days or 28 days after the completion of vaccination, depending on the type of vaccines.

Amongst these include allow individuals for inter-district and state travel (for visiting children and spouse under all phases), dine-in and tourism activities, such as the homestay and hotels under Phase 2 and the remaining phases under the National Recovery Phase. We believe that these  relaxation measures, subject to SOP, including safe management measures (wearing mask and social distancing) would ensure a safe reopening for the food and accommodation sectors.

President of the ACCCIM, Dato’ Low expresses disappointment that the Government has yet to decide on businesses’ appeal in allowing all non-essential sectors in Phase 1 and 2 to operate with at least 50% manpower capacity, subject to strict SOP. If people vaccinated can be allowed to dine-in, consideration can be given to allow non-essential sectors such as retail stores/outlets in the shopping malls to operate as this helps to increase the footfall in the malls.

As for the reopening of economic sectors, which YAB Prime Minister indicated that it is under consideration and the decision will be made in the near-term, ACCCIM proposed that to peg the number of manpower capacity to the number of workforces have received full vaccination for all economic and social sectors, that is 60% workforce capacity for 10% fully vaccinated; 80% workforce for 40% fully vaccinated; and 100% workforce capacity for 60% fully vaccinated.


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