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1 Apr 2024

The KK Socks Issue enters legal proceedings ACCCIM urges all parties to stop boycotting KK Mart

The ACCCIM urges parties behind the call to boycott KK Mart to heed the calls of DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong and YAB Prime Minister to stop taking advantage of the sale of socks bearing the word “Allah” controversy.

As the KK socks issue has entered the legal process, the public should immediately stop all boycotts, including irresponsible and reckless acts to prevent the controversy from a further escalation and causing more turbulences, said Senator Tan Sri Dato’ Low Kian Chuan, President of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM).

From the standpoint of the business community, Senator Low said that the public should treat this issue rationally. Malaysia is a country governed by the rules of laws. All parties need to respect judicial procedures and abide by laws and regulations of the country. As the case has entered the legal proceedings after the completion of police investigation, we should stop creating further controversy about this incident.

At the same time, Low called for an end to unprovoked boycotts against businesses, as it would cause far-reaching implications on the economy and businesses. It not only hurting the company itself, but may also lead to layoffs, and ultimately innocent employees will be the victims.

He said that the boycott may also significantly tarnish the image of the country, deter foreign investment, and undermine the Government’s greater efforts to attract investment and expand our country’s economic growth .

At the same time, ACCCIM severely condemns any irresponsible and reckless acts to avoid causing public panic and anxiety.

The ACCCIM fully supports the concept of “Madani Malaysia” advocated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar, as it promotes the spirit of unity and sharing of common progress in a multi racial and multicultural society. It is therefore all parties need to remain rational and work together to protect social harmony and national unity, in a spirit of maintaining mutual tolerance and respect.


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